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Hose Kit

Part #:890041

Use the on-board hose kit for vacuuming in hard-to-reach areas around buildings and shrubbery. Hose has 4” diameter and is seven feet long. Fits all KD and SV models.

Price: $200.00


Outer Debris Bag

Part #:890351

Price: $175.00


Felt Pre-Filter

Part #:890435

For use in dusty conditions.

Price: $65.00


Leaf/Thatch Liners (5 per pack)

Part #:890009

Polypropylene bag insert for use in leaves, thatch and grass. Use on all SV vacuums.

Price: $98.00


Litter Liners (5 per pack)

Part #:890006

Burlap insert. For use on hard surfaces where a variety of debris is found. Use on all SV vacuums.

Price: $56.00


SV Caster Kit

Part #:890447

Price: $150.00


Protective Cover Black

Part #:

This weatherproof cover is ideal for protecting your machine from the elements.

Price: $160.00